Privacy Policy

Our Updated Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use and manage your privacy settings, access your information about us, and how we alter your account. Attempts to protect the privacy of Internet users. We believe that maintaining online confidentiality not only increases customer confidence, but also increases customer confidence and engagement in online activities. The purpose of our guide is to provide you with the information we collect when we visit our website and how we can disclose this information to anyone, anyone and their options. Http:// offers many benefits of online technology and offers personal and interactive experience.

By installing, installing or using your mobile device or browser, including future users and your personal information, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Services. Note: If you or your legal provider does not agree with any of these, you will not be able to access your login and / or installation information or delete your phone. Save the phone directly or record the program via a browser / application. No signals, calls or services.

What information do we collect?
You are directly provided with the information provided by us
When you register with us (for example, date of birth, name, avatar, password and email address);
The information you provide to the public about communication or social media is considered public information.
Services If you apply for our services as a program, please provide us with information

The information we collect when using services or programs (register with us)
Information about your location, device type, operating system, and platform
Mobile Device Identifier (Unique Device Code (“MAC”), International Mobile Device Identifier (“IME”, Operating System and Device))
Computer browser information, mobile version of the operating system, network configuration time and device information, shared MAC address, reference address and IP address
Discuss plan and planning time
Apps, friends, Facebook APK contacts, enter your Google name, username, gender, location (specific country and / or city), email address, birthday, and third party account. You can control the information that these third parties share with you in accordance with the privacy settings provided by third parties. We strive to make this site as transparent as possible. However, we may collect other information that we may collect when we assess the importance of reading this Privacy Policy.

How do we use your information?
We may use your information in the following ways:
We offer software and related pages and constantly improve functionality
Saves work history
Office and Services
Configure current programs
The warranty is valid
Check sending all chats
Improves programs, analyzes and notifies benefits, and provides technical assistance to answer your questions. This includes using information to identify policy errors and we offer these errors. (We may use this information from third parties):
Messages as messages that received something
Especially for social integration with Facebook
Improve your experience
Click Suggest to make a request. (You can use the device settings section and select bypassing it.)
It offers services and other programs that may be of interest to you
Fraud and crime prevention
Made for Facebook or Google marketing.